i wanna start over..

overhaul everyhing and start a new life.

when i was still using my other account, all i want is just post anything and it is not interesting. but now, i wanna post for a purpose.

i still don't know what is my purpose but i surely miss writing.

my classmates told me that i stopped writing because i was not inspired.

when i first enter the hollowed hall of the corridor of the Accountacy Department, i told myself "mag-aral ka muna".
and i did, infact i was one of the top performing student in our class but that's nothing. At that point in time, my attention was changed to a person that was unintentional. i slowly fall in love and until now, i still strive to bulit that certain closeness to him.

cguro siya ang puno't dulo ng lahat kung bakit ngawa ko ang blog na ito. Mahal ko siya pero di ko alam kung anung gagawin ko para mapansin niya ako.
until now, malayo parin ang distansya namin and for that, kinalimutan ko muna siya. Until such time i was envied by my friends having boyfriends or girlfriends. I was jealous, i think i'm alone. In fact, i was the only one in our group of friends who dont have a partner. duh!! i need inspiration. tsk. i have nothing to do now. tsk i'm longing for a partner. are you interested?
tsk. okey fine. i think i needed to focus on other matter rather than indulge myself in misery..


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