LOYAL HEART from Princess

Never look for a GOOD FACE, it will turn old one day..

Never look for a NICE SKIN, it will wrinkle one day..

Never look for a HOT BODY, it will change one day..

Never look for a NICE HAIR, it will turn white someday..

But look for a LOYAL HEART, that will love you each and everyday..


Its been a while the last time i posted here in my blog. I miss it though but i think it's worth a sacrifice.

Last Monday, October 24, 2011 to be exact was the date where our professor posted result and unfortunately my name was not written on the letter sized paper. My heart beats faster and it seems like my world is crushing down on me. Only 24 lucky students passed the said subject and will continue to be "regular" students meaning a lot of us got a failing mark.

I received a text message from my friend that day, the message says...

The first time you FAIL is the

I never did say that it was good but i think it is a mere challenge to strive harder to reach my dream!
I will never stop until i reached my dream and my name would have ",CPA"

"hinding-hindi ko isusuko ang course ko!!!"

thats all,


Under the Rain

Yesterday was a gloomy day not only for me but to some of my classmates also. Yesterday was our final exam in accounting; meaning it is another judgment day to stay in the accountancy department or take another course that fits you.

It was raining the whole day and it seems like the weather is mourning for us. The weather participates in our nerve wrecking examination and unfortunately, in the middle of our exam, the power went off. Is it another sign?

We have to answer those excruciating questions in a dim light. Too bad for those who sit at the front cause they barely can't see the questions on the paper.

Hands were shaking, sweats are cold, the cold wind blew between the squeaking armchair, the tension was in the air. My name was actually called by our teacher and that was embarrassing but  the examination continues.

I was really not prepared to take that examination but if i will not  answer those questions then surely am i that i will not pass the subject so even though i haven't read my book and notes i still enter that freaking room and  answer the questions given to us.

After the examination, the rain is still pouring down and i want to go home. I thought of waiting until the rain will stop but deciding on going on and walk under the rain. I don't know what i did but it was fun and it's refreshing. I feel like I'm unwinding after a long and hectic first semester. Definitely, the result is kinda scary and its out. I will be going to B.A. to check my result. bye!!!