haaay. , .
nauuso kaya ngayon ang salitang SMP
or "Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko"
Isang malaking pasasalamat sa Nestea
Naimbento nila ang salitang iyon for their commercial.
Whew. , . natamaan ako? Hindi!! may naimbento
din naman kaming pamatay sa linyang yun!
or "Samahan Kita sa Malamig mong Pasko"
diba much better?

And all we need is love!
dapat wala ng war and no more breaking of hearts!
hehehe. , .
wala!! introduce ko lang po ang SKMP
para sa lahat!!!


I am your eyes;
I will show how evil you are..
I am your ears;
I will listen to all your lies..
I am your tongue;
I will tell you perfect alibis..
I am your feet;
I will guide you to darkness..
I am your hands;
I will stain your life with sins..
I am your brain;
I will take control of yourself...
I am your heart;
I will make you feel nothing but PAIN...
i am your friend
i am your friend
i am your friend
And this is how it friEND.

i hate the way you lie!

I'm a lil' bit confuse a while ago. i've been thinking of the things taht might happen and when or when will i bee sure of taking it seriously. ang tinutukoy ko po kanina ay ang pag chat namin ni "kuya ken".

actually, the story starts like this:
2:15 AM
November 21, 2010

"may post si kuya ken."
(and it is all about someone who lied to him.) i think he's really hurt to say those words and infact at first, i thought that he was just joking. . .

as i know kuya ken, he is sweet and nice, funny, friendly, jolly and responsible. i met him in the CMO office. well, CMO is Campus Ministry Organization. i know you might say "relihiyoso ka ngay'an?" i get many sentiments about that and well infact, i like being like that.
okey, let's go back to our story.....

so i commented on his post seriously, (malay mo totoo, and totoo nga!)

well, as a matter of fact parang ginawa na mnaming chatroom ang comment box. , . hehehe

well these are the things i learn:(?)
1. do not lie to those person who fully trust you.
2. if someone trust in you, keep it!
3. be responsible in keeping that trust!
4. do not waste it.
5. a simple lie can ruin everything.
6. you cannot assure that everything will be alright if that person trust you.
7. there are some person that really hates you when you lie.
8. lie is a sin. (common)
9. a lie cannot do any good.
10. you can break a heart when you lie.


hell yeah. , . i don't know what is happening but I'm sure by the time i arrive at home, i will scan my book for a bloody quiz in accounting 3 tomorrow!!
what the hell is happening to me. . . thinking of my future is good but thinking it negatively? is a piece of crap.
i don't know what i am doing but i'm sure that my point of view is to become a fute C.P.A. and i dont want to stop dreaming cause i am a dreamer!!! hahaha
*(soon to continue)