KARASIKAS '09(liTERatUre MAniaS)

A coLOrfuL anD FestiVe aCtiviTy coMes oNce a seMestEr and this YeaR..
the KARASIKAS '09 was suCcesfuLLy oRganized By the LiterAture Society adviSers, teacHers, mentors, OffiCers and students....
Last SEpTemBer 25, 2009
was once a meMorAbLe eXperieNce
tO aCcountancy 1b stuDents(where i belong)
for having SuccessFuLLy PerfoRmed
TheiR eThniC daNCe dUring the LiterAtuRe niGht..
(it was Our fiNAL examiNatioN for Lit. 111)
ConGratuLations.... it weNt weLL!
pLUs TheiR mUse rePresenTeD
by Ms. Jessa Danielle Tafalla
was One Of The DaraGa saN KagaB'iHon.,.
the niGht wAs VerY DranDioSe..
aLL the stUdents wHo hAs the sUbjEct aCtiVeLy PArtiCipaTe
duRing the sAid eveNT....
thE pResenTAtioNs werE trIbaL dances,
fEstiVaL pResenTAtionS, DanCe drAMAs aNd etHnic daNces..
iT was verY memORabLe.. thanK you for aLL yoUr Supports..
PerSons to ThanK:
wiThoUT you this presENtatioN wiLL NOt be Good:
AccounTAncy 1b- whO sacRificE theIR time jUst to PractiCe eVen in Good anD Bad times.
Yves-served as a iNstructor and He chOreogrAph almost of the steps.
Kuya Oliver-for his generosity and gives 100% of support,
even his caR whO served as oUr cD pLaYer fOr our pRactices.
Prof. Ann Basista-for GiviNg us Guidance and suPPort for Our presentatioNs
•PArents and guardians - suPported Us morally, emotionally and financially
Everyone who help make this event successful
and to AlmiGhty God Who giVes us Grace anD bLessiNgs, he guides us duriNg oUr practices and when we perfOrm he is their to secure us to do well..

oh my.. oh my.. i'm back in business!!

it's been a long time since i open this blog...
*duh* i am very busy this past few days!!
it's like im roller coaster that never stops..
it's very complicated to do this because i have to study for my subject
because i don't want to fail..
hay naku.. ang buhay parang life...
i am experiencing twists and turns...
parang naglalaro ng snake and ladder..
pag napunta ka sa ladder.. then you must advance to the next tile where it goes..
but kung makagat ka ng snake... lagot ka..
you have to go back...
-parang ganun lang.. minsan makakaraos sa isang problem.. but then another problem comes-
anu ba talaga ang magandang gawin..
i am in such a cruel world..
wala na bang igagaan to,,,,
still i have to wake up in the morning,
and face the reality.....
hay naku.. pero i am confused..
why is it that those person who show care for me is not the one who completes my life..
i am still searching that person who is willing to change for my sake...
i am still searching for the same person whom i like best....
pucha talagang life na toh... grrrrrrrrrrr..
that's for now!!!
see yah!!!