hi mga kA BLOg..



im graduaTing naH..


it'S somE sorT of twisTed faiTh for us..

"sOMethiNG haPPen eh"

iT's Like a "kakainis na revelationS"

there is someone

who makes LAgLAg wiTh my friendS

... aS in....

iniisip KO ngA

(ayaW b niLANg makaGRaduate kaMi?)


i doN't likE it

it is some sort of ScandaL kSi...
i don't like thE facT thAT
soMe of tHe studentS and FacuLty
caLLing oUr baTch as the
"druNKard BAtch"
you know what i meaN...
duH.. as in all of us
is affECted of what
is haPpening
bUT iTs OWkeY
the problem
is solved and all of us
are graduating..
☺...i loVe it...☺